Donors & Sponsors

A huge shout out to my donors and sponsors! With out their support my season would be cut short and access to quality equipment would be very limited. Thank you!

2016-2017 Season’s Sponsors
Optimist Club of Greater Vienna

2015-2016 Season’s Sponsors
Optimist Club of Greater Vienna

2014-2015 Season’s Sponsors
Optimist Club of Greater Vienna

2013-2014 Season’s Sponsors
CrossFit North Vienna
Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

Individual Donors from 2012-Present
Mark Armour
Aunt Artica and Aunt Potato
Phil Bastron
Bria Bell
Adam Blaser
Jabari Bodrick
Chris Brunjes
Paul Cain, Cain & Williams Ltd. Co.
Mike Chang
Helen Chemel
Carrie Cimino
Tony Cimino
Mike Colbert
Elizabeth Cole
Larry Cote
Steve Crittenden
Randy Day
Kris Delta
Charlotte Diggs
Deborah Dubose
Bob Dubose
Ted and Rhonda Ebert
Elliston Family
Mike Gelb
Carol Hook
Valerie Hunt
Neale Johantgen
Claire Keena
George Keena
Leslie Keena
Steve Klapper
Carly LaGrotta
Brock Lending
Misty Lomax
Andrea Mancuso
Judy Mendoza
Jake Miller
PJ Miller
Phil Nemec
Jen Root
Colleen Ryan
Maryanne Qureshi
Rob Salmon
Stephanie Salmon
John Sekas
Karen Strange
Kevin Sullivan
Jane Taguchi
Donna Tryon
Mark Tryon
Kathy Underhill
Jade Zaharoff

2 thoughts on “Donors & Sponsors

  1. Veronica: I read the article today (Monday Jan 18) in the Washington Post. Where can I send a donation by check to you or your fund? Good luck and keep up the intensity.


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