Skeleton is an extremely expensive sport. The quality of the equipment is a determinant of the outcome of a race and as a new athlete to the sport, start up costs are significant. Any contribution directly supports my efforts in this sport. Your support is a device for me in all aspects of the sport; practice, development and travel.

The easiest way to help me out is through Paypal. Click to donate button below to donate an amount of your choosing. If you’d like more information about donations, feel free to email me at

Another option is the Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association (USBA). All donations made through the USBA are tax deductable. The tax ID number for the association is 87-0628120. The USBA gives your donations directly to the athlete to help this the purchasing of equipment and traveling expenses among other things.

Donations can be mailed to:
Attn: Tom Raty
P.O. Box 901566
Sandy, UT 84090

Please note, all checks should be made out to “Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association.” In order for this type of donation to be tax deductible, you CANNOT put my name on the check. Instead, please enclose a note with the check stating that you wish the donation to be given to me. If you place my name on the check, it is no longer tax-deductible.

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