Updates around the blog

Just some small housekeeping being done around the site. Β Be sure to check out some of these changes.

Take a look at the Donors & Sponsors page. These are the lovely people and companies that support me day in and day out. They believe in me, help to fund my season and I could not do it without them.

Or maybe head over to the Results page to take a look at how I have done so far this season. So many races this season and so many results!

Small Update!

I’m currently in New York City for work and thought i’d share an interview that I just did with US News! Check it out!


Plenty more to talk about as the season on ice starts next Wednesday! I’ve finished the bulk of my fundraising, push championships are over, combine has concluded and team trials start soon! Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared! I will be sending out emails shortly requesting t-shirt sizes and (of course) thank yous! This season would not have been possible without your support.

Funding Next Season

Hey there everyone! I just started fundraising for the upcoming skeleton season again. I have a huge favor to ask of anyone who frequents my blog!

I am a self funded athlete and the equipment for skeleton is pretty pricey. I started an online fundraiser again on a website called rallyme, which aims to raise about $8000 to support my upcoming season. Equipment, travel expenses, baggage fees (we check our 70 lb sleds) and track fees… the list just keeps going! I’ve been working full time this summer, but it wont be enough to cover 6 months worth of travel.

So I started an online fundraiser:

The gym I work out at (Crossfit North Vienna) is even offering to match ANY donation up to $1000. So, any donation (large OR small) you make directly supports my quest. I would not ask for your help if I really didn’t think it was possible. Last year I set the push track record en route to winning the National Push Championship. I also won the Western Regional in Park City, UT which has guaranteed me admission to the Trials in October.

And if you can’t donate, it’s really ok! You can forward this to friends, family… whoever! Thanks again. It’ll be going on for the next 45 days.

Summer Training

This is what my summer training has consisted of:

Just kidding. It’s been more of this:

Ok, not really that either. The first video is filmed by my strength coach Ambrose and with Olympian Nick Cunningham USA 2 for men’s Bobsled. Nick’s a cowboy and I was procrastinating on some sprints so he ended up attempting to teach me how to throw a lasso. I’m only showing you the good one, because the other is pretty hard to watch.

The second video is from Calgary in January. We were doing some short sprints inside and decided to try and touch the backboard. As a former jumper, I shouldn’t be this excited to do this.

In reality it has been a lot of work. I’ve been lifting and sprinting like crazy. On top of that, I’ve been working for The Adecco Group in their Win4Youth Fundraiser. I’ve also picked up a few side jobs like personal training and blogging for various companies. It’s been a strange summer of travel, but I’ve enjoyed my time away from the track.

5 sets of 10 reps in squats all at 185lb/84kg. This is from May. Yesterday I did 3×3 squats at 95, 100, 104 kg (209, 220, 230lbs). The 104 was a huge PR for me… by 4 kilos! Great day of lifting!

Here are a couple of short sprints I’ve been doing on the bike trail behind my newly found gym, Crossfit North Vienna The gym is amazing. The trainers are really helpful and they pretty much let me do my own thing. I lift and train in their facility and do the sprints on the bike trail right behind the gym. It’s a much better set up from where I was working out last summer.

20m Sprint


70m sprint

That’s all for now. I’ll be sure to post more! Crossfit North Vienna made a little commercial about me. I’ll post it up here as soon as it’s done. In addition, I am fundraising for next season… yep it’s that time of year again. Stay tuned!