End of Season Wrap Up

Hi everyone!  Just a quick recap of how my season finished up.  After being named to the North American Cup, I was initially disappointed.  It just wasn’t where I wanted to race this year.  However, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I got to race on tracks I know well which allowed for some extra confidence going into the tracks.  It showed in my results.  I was very consistent throughout the 8 race international series and I ended up medaling for the first time in my career (and did it multiple times to boot!)

2 Races in Calgary, AB (2 Bronze medals)

2 races in Whistler, BC (1 fifth, 1 sixth place)

2 races in Park City, UT (2 Bronze medals)

2 races in Lake Placid, NY (2 Silver Medals)

In each of these I was the highest placing American and as a result of a series of consistent results, I ended up winning the NAC OVERALL title!!!  How cool is that?!


Anyway,  I am back to Colorado Springs.  I’ll be taking a couple weeks off and then visiting my parents in South Carolina for a bit.  But in the mean time I will be enjoying my time in the *real* sunshine state.

Updates around the blog

Just some small housekeeping being done around the site.  Be sure to check out some of these changes.

Take a look at the Donors & Sponsors page. These are the lovely people and companies that support me day in and day out. They believe in me, help to fund my season and I could not do it without them.

Or maybe head over to the Results page to take a look at how I have done so far this season. So many races this season and so many results!

Small Update!

I’m currently in New York City for work and thought i’d share an interview that I just did with US News! Check it out!


Plenty more to talk about as the season on ice starts next Wednesday! I’ve finished the bulk of my fundraising, push championships are over, combine has concluded and team trials start soon! Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared! I will be sending out emails shortly requesting t-shirt sizes and (of course) thank yous! This season would not have been possible without your support.

Funding Next Season

Hey there everyone! I just started fundraising for the upcoming skeleton season again. I have a huge favor to ask of anyone who frequents my blog!

I am a self funded athlete and the equipment for skeleton is pretty pricey. I started an online fundraiser again on a website called rallyme, which aims to raise about $8000 to support my upcoming season. Equipment, travel expenses, baggage fees (we check our 70 lb sleds) and track fees… the list just keeps going! I’ve been working full time this summer, but it wont be enough to cover 6 months worth of travel.

So I started an online fundraiser:

The gym I work out at (Crossfit North Vienna) is even offering to match ANY donation up to $1000. So, any donation (large OR small) you make directly supports my quest. I would not ask for your help if I really didn’t think it was possible. Last year I set the push track record en route to winning the National Push Championship. I also won the Western Regional in Park City, UT which has guaranteed me admission to the Trials in October.

And if you can’t donate, it’s really ok! You can forward this to friends, family… whoever! Thanks again. It’ll be going on for the next 45 days.