End of Season Wrap Up

Hi everyone!  Just a quick recap of how my season finished up.  After being named to the North American Cup, I was initially disappointed.  It just wasn’t where I wanted to race this year.  However, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I got to race on tracks I know well which allowed for some extra confidence going into the tracks.  It showed in my results.  I was very consistent throughout the 8 race international series and I ended up medaling for the first time in my career (and did it multiple times to boot!)

2 Races in Calgary, AB (2 Bronze medals)

2 races in Whistler, BC (1 fifth, 1 sixth place)

2 races in Park City, UT (2 Bronze medals)

2 races in Lake Placid, NY (2 Silver Medals)

In each of these I was the highest placing American and as a result of a series of consistent results, I ended up winning the NAC OVERALL title!!!  How cool is that?!


Anyway,  I am back to Colorado Springs.  I’ll be taking a couple weeks off and then visiting my parents in South Carolina for a bit.  But in the mean time I will be enjoying my time in the *real* sunshine state.

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