New purchases

I have recently begun to purchase new items which are needed for next season! The best purchase so far has been a pair of weightlifting shoes. I bought the Nike Romaleos online recently and they have made a huge difference in my weightlifting. I had lifted in college for track, but I would say the split from running to lifting was about 75/25. Now that I have switched to skeleton, it is about 50/50. This means that the lifting portion of my program has become much more important. I used running shoes all last season which was fine, because you know… they’re shoes. But there certainly is a big difference with

Buying these shoes has made an immediate impact for me, especially in squats. It increases stability, and because the base is solid and not squishy like my running shoes, the power I am exerting is not being wasted in the shoes.

I also bought a new pair of running shoes. Saucony Kinvaras, which I have only taken for a few test runs but am a big fan of. Not only are they AWESOME looking, but they are incredibly light and exactly what I am looking for. I’ve got a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders which are nearing the end of their life. I decided to switch it up and get these guys.

This is a big thing for me! I bet you since high school I have purchased at least 10 pairs of Wave Riders. I periodically try another brand but I always regret it. So far, so good with these Sauconys.

2 more big purchases I have made recently: A Uvex helmet, which is used and I got from a former skeleton slider for a great deal. The visor is a bit cracked in the corner, but I think it will be fine for the time being. I am planning on purchasing a new visor, but there is no guarantee the new visor will fit this model since this helmet is a few years old. But we will see. It is worth a shot. I think the helmet will be good for this season. I also purchased a set of runners from a friend of mine who made the switch to bobsled. It will be nice having more than 1 set of runners to choose from when the ice changes. I will not be testing them out until October, but they are in great condition and am looking forward to it.

In other news, the Southern Conference released a promo for a new series they are making and I have a little snippit in it! No idea what it is about, but the series looks interesting and it brought me back to the good old track days. Man, they seem like forever ago.

The Starting Line

All of the Olympics hype has got me so pumped up watching track and field!! I seriously cannot explain how much I LOVE track being on TV. I mean, swimming is cool and all but track is where it is at. Other random sports I have enjoyed watching: handball, fencing and (oddly enough) archery. I mean I spent 3 hours watching archery one day. How?!? I’m telling you, it’s intense.

I was at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid to watch the opening ceremony, and it was pretty awesome. The next morning everyone was in the weight room working their butts off and of course… cheering on Team USA. It has been a great motivation for me to get in some quality workouts these past 2 weeks. These people were once where I was- a relative newcomer and hopeful. And look at them now, doing big things!

I am currently at home, getting everything together for the move up to Placid on Sunday. Damn, I hate this drive (from Virginia to Lake Placid). It is a killer. I don’t really know when I am going to be back in VA so even though it is August, I have got to pack winter clothing. The thought of bundling up again makes me cringe a little… but at least I have another month of warm weather.

Only a month?! This makes me so sad 😦 I have so many cute summer clothes I have yet to wear.

I’ve got some testing in Placid on Monday morning. So I will be sure to update on how it goes.

One thought on “New purchases

  1. I remember the first time I lifted in the weightlifting shoes, big difference right away! Congratulations on those! They’ll probably last you a few years. The video of your clean PR was impressive. You have great power! I’d love to see you get together with a weightlifting coach for some technique work that would put pounds on your lifts. Glenn Pendlay and his crew just moved to a place in North Carolina and you could probably get some training in with them if you contact them. I really don’t know what’s closer to you though. Good luck!

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