Crashes, Cuts and Bruises

This posts theme: self destruction. Let me tell you… my body has taken a beating these past 2.5 weeks. First, there was the bobsled crash. Then, there was the crash out of Shady (the biggest turn on the track). And today I slammed my chin into the edge of my chin guard after exiting turn 12.

Don’t worry. I have recorded my battle scars.

Please witness my crash out of Shady. First of all, this run is pretty terrible from top to bottom. It was the first run on Monday and I was not focused properly. Second of all, Window Movie Maker is a terrible program and I had to do a screen capture of the movie because WMM would not let me rasterize it. So, I apologize now for the watermark and the low quality footage.

After this crash I had a bruise (and still do) that starts at my hip and extends down 8-10 inches. This bad boy was every color of the rainbow and BRIGHT. I mean, some people get bruises and it’s a slight discoloration… but this one looked like someone had just painted purple, green, blue, yellow and red onto my body. Also because I was wearing spandex, the blood from the bruise pooled at the seams and looked extra grimy. In addition to that one, I got a nice bruise on my shoulder blade and a large one on my calf. The one on my calf kind of wraps around and I don’t really understand how that much skin could make contact with a wall all at once.

Today was a whole other story. I just got my new runners in (Davenport women’s big wheels) and attached them to my sled. This weekend was pretty cold and the track this week has been pretty quick. Today was no exception. My fastest run thus far had been 59.83 (from the race the first week of this training block.) But on my first run today I had a huge PR with a 58.70! After the first run I was having more trouble than usual in curve 12. It generally gives me a little sass, but today I was getting into the curve waaaay too late and flopping down off the end of it quite aggressively. The first run ended and my helmet’s chin guard smashed into my chin (when my face hit the ice on the flop) and left a nice bruise.

No big deal, right? Wrong. The second run ended up being my second fastest ever, but came at a price. I had the same problem in 12 and the bruise promptly turned into a large and wide cut. Ouch. I proceeded to bleed everywhere. Because there is still a 3rd of the track to go after exiting turn 12, the blood was flying off my chin and onto my sled and promptly FREEZING THE BLOOD TO MY SLED. I would take a picture, but I will spare you.

Afterwards, I went to sports medicine and did not need stitches. I did however, need glue! I have never been to the hospital, had stitches or anything before, and was unaware of this superglue made for skin! Celeste glued my chin right up. Here’s a picture. It’s definitely leaving a scar.

Right now, I’m just trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening again. Tomorrow is the last day before the break and we have a race off, but I do not know if I will be able to because of my chin. We will see and I will be sure to let you guys know! Speaking of races, the second race we had last Friday went decently. My first run was similar to what I had been running all week, the second one was much faster (over a second) and I ended up placing 5th out of 10 or so girls. It was a similar situation to the race before, as I was the first new slider to come in, but a ways off of 4th place (a Devo slider).

I am also looking for a job to take up once my season concludes in March. Not sure if I should go the internship route or just look for a normal job. Friends, if you have any suggestions comment here or send me an email at

On another note, this past weekend I went to Montreal! It was my first time in Canada and I will definitely be making some more trips up north. I have a couple pictures for you all and will post them in my next update. If that update comes after Christmas, Merry Christmas! I fly home on Thursday morning at 5:30am and will be back in Lake Placid on January 1. Thanks to the ‘rents I will be flying and not driving back to Vienna. Thanks mom and dad! Hopefully I will be able to find my car under 5 feet of snow when I get back up here.

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