Back from break and ready to slide

Sorry for the hiatus! I wasn’t sliding and was participating in the the usual Thanksgiving festivities. I went shopping on Black Friday, but really it was Thursday night and early into the morning on Friday… and I survived! Woo! On Sunday I drove back to Lake Placid. I made good time whilst listening to my first audiobook, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was excellent and lasted just about the entire drive. Since I’ll be making the trip pretty frequently, I’ll be purchasing many more of these books.

The working out over the break went pretty well. It was fairly warm and I got some really solid sprint workouts in. This is the first time in a while where I had that good feeling of exhaustion following the conclusion of the workout. The 2 best were: 2×150, 2×100, 3×40, 4×20 and 6×15, 5×30, 4×45. Lifting was pretty standard, but it’s hard at a gym which doesn’t a platform. Luckily, the gym I went to had a rotating bar and I could follow our program without sacrificing too much.

I could not check in to the OTC until Monday so I slept on the floor of a skeleton athlete’s apartment. Roughin’ it for sure. I mean… kind of, but not really. But it was nice because I got to slide on Monday. The people that flew in Monday didn’t get up here in time (the airport is 2 hours away). The runs were not spectacular, but the ice was slow and I was definitely dusting off the rust/getting used to a new sled. Today was much better and I had some decent push times and felt decent on the ride down as well. I’m slowly getting more comfortable pushing the sled, but there is still much work to be done. The list of things to fix seems quite long.

Here’s a picture of the sled shed before our runs tonight! Bobsleds and skeleton sleds galore! It was much busier tonight because usually there are no bobsled people joining us.

When I got back, one of the other athletes had sent out an email about brush spikes (the shoes used on the ice). If you purchase them from Germany they cost a bit under $400. Part of that has to do with the exchange rate and the shipping costs. BUT Tyler was informed of an Ebay user who is located in Great Britain that was selling the for $191… new! I spent a good portion of the night trying on other athletes shoes to pick the proper size. I think they’re from last season, but I don’t really care. Here’s a picture… sorry it so huge:

I also ordered runners (which I had mentioned in my previous post. They wont be here for a while, but when I get them I will be sure to take a picture of those guys too.

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