I found the North Pole

My lovely sled! We were each given a sled to use for the schools this month. Here’s my sweet ride.

No no no. Not Planking. Sliding through the North Pole. Yes. There is literally a town called “North Pole” in New York. And we went there.

Mirror Lake

What a beautiful day in Lake Placid. Here’s a pic of Mirror Lake from the back of a cute coffee shop on the Main strip.

This weekend a few friends at the OTC and I did some exploring. We initially wanted to drive up Whiteface (one of the main skiing peaks in the Adirondacks) because we heard the views were amazing. But because it usually snows in November they close the roads going to the top of the peak. Womp. For the record, it has been in the mid-50s all week.

But back to the Skeleton… today we went from start 1! Our coach (Don) kind of threw me for a loop because we were supposed to go later in the week. But because it has been so warm, the track is suuuuper slow. Hence, the “perfect” time to go from the top! I was pretty nervous, but today went well. I improved my time on each run and tried to fix some things. (The operative word here is tried.)

That’s all for now!

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