Push Track

So a few days a week we go to this place called the push track. It’s a great tool for us that simulates the starting procedure of getting on a sled. My friend Andia took this video of me doing a push start. I definitely need some work, but I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.

If you’re fast and explosive, the push at the beginning of a run can be a great advantage.

Practices generally run from 3-7. The beginning of it is learning sled maintenance or learning certain parts of the track. Afterwards you go to your designated start and take your runs. This past week (my first week) we got 4 runs each session. Apparently that is more than normal. We made it up to start 3 last week, but I reckon we will start from the top sometime this week. There are 3 starts for skeleton athletes to use (4, 3 and 1). The lower the number, the higher up on the track you are. So the track is approximately 1 mile long and start 4 is about halfway up. Start 3 is 3/4 of a mile and start 1 is from the top. It was pretty cold on Friday and the ice was faster than it had been all week.

We were told we probably got up to 55 mph or so. From the top, we’re supposed to get up to 75 mph. I think my car maxes out at 75 mph. Weird. Don’t worry I already fell off my sled last week. I’m trying to get a video of it to post on here for you guys. I was told I am a graceful sled-faller-offer.

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